Replacement Policy

I have double-checked the shipping address I entered. I understand the shipping information I provide is imported to my shipping label as I entered it and that Reliable Spores does NOT re-type my address onto the shipping label. I understand that shipping is free for orders over $30 (do not check shipping $3.95 box). I understand that Reliable Spores is not responsible for correcting any mistakes I may have made when entering my address or shipping costs. Reliable Spores is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or returned packages.

Please be aware of the laws in your State as they pertain to the possession of psilocybe cubensis spores.  While these spores contain no psychoactive substances themselves, they may be illegal to possess them in some states.  We at Reliable Spores trust our customers have properly educated themselves on the laws that pertain to them.  As a customer, I accept responsibility to know the laws in my areas.  Reliable Spores and all its affiliates shall be held harmless for all events transpiring after a spore sample leaves our custody.

Our contamination-free guarantee on all of our products is good for 30 days from the date of sale. No replacements will be offered after 30 days. In the event you determine your spore sample to be contaminated, simply contact us and we’ll make arrangements for a replacement.  We pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and the customer service that comes along with them. So never hesitate to reach out if you have any issues with your order!!!  

We will only honor this guarantee on 1 order only. If you are seeing contamination in more than 1 order, this is due to user error, not contamination of syringes. 

Replacements are for contamination ONLY.  We do not respond to comments, inquiries or complaints wherein cultivation or any related activity is mentioned. Discussion of cultivation in anyway will result in the guarantee not being honored and future orders being cancelled. 

Free syringes are not included in the replacement policy. In addition, we do not replace syringes that have just been received by mail. The syringes are made when ordered and quality inspected twice. We assure you that you are getting a quality syringe. 

See FAQ for more information.