About Us

We are a family of mycophiles who have been passionate about  mushroom taxonomy, cultivation and collecting for over 30 years. 

We are a trusted sponsor and vetted vendor at Shroomery.org.  By far, the most reliable source of information about all things relating to mushroom cultivation and microscopy.  We consider this a badge of honor.

 We believe the world of mycology holds the answers to many of mankind’s most vexing physical, emotional and spiritual questions.  Therefore, it is our mission to do our small part in making these miracles available for study to as many people as we can….for the good of Humanity.



The Law & You!!!

Please know the laws in your location if you plan on possessing and working with any of the spores offered on this site.  Psilocybe genera mushroom spores are legal to buy, sell, possess and use for any non-cultivation purposes in most U.S. states.  We will make a case-by-case determination on all requests for spores.  Reliable Spores and all its affiliates will be held harmless in any eventualities that may arise after your shipment has left our custody.