How to store mushroom spore syringes is among the first things you’ll want to understand when purchasing them. Syringes containing a sterilized spore/water solution can be used for microscopy indefinitely and for cultivation for prolonged periods (years) if stored properly. However, for cultivation it is wisest to use spore syringes within sixty days of harvest for best results.  But, as mentioned, if stored properly in a cool, dark place (think refrigerator) they can remain viable for much, much longer!   Liquid culture syringes should be stored in the clean packaging they come in and refrigerated until use. Spore prints should be stored in a very dry and completely sterile container and refrigerated. Humidity is the enemy of spore prints so make sure your packaging is sealed tightly and in a dry environment.  Many spore curators have filing systems similar to the old card catalogues found in libraries.  This is an excellent method of keeping track of inventory, especially for collectors with large numbers of strains.  Remember, when using spore prints for cultivation, it is absolutely necessary for these spores to be re-hydrated prior to using them to inoculate any growth substrate.  If you use a dehydrated spore print your chances of successfully inoculating a substrate and generating mycelia is almost zero.

So, now you know how to store mushroom spore syringes!  Yay!

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